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On October 9, 2019, Voda&Five recorded one of its most sought after successes. It is with pride that we announce Arida Law Firm from Amman, Jordan as one of our strategic partners. With this, we have delivered our aim of developing a strong presence and building a reputable legal team in the region. 

Arida Lawfirm has been in the market for 46 years, from 1973, blending tradition and a comprehensive legal expertise in the service to their selected clientele in Jordan and all over the world.  It is admirable for one law firm to develop such kind of expertise and such a reputation, that we are very proud of and honoured to benefit from. Nevertheless, this partnership will not only straighten the visibility and practice of both firms, but will enhance the legal and business experience our clients have in the region and at the cross roads of different jurisdictions and legal systems. 

Laura Voda, the Managing Partner of Voda&Five, said: "I have worked with Tarik Arida, the Managing Partner of Arida Law Firm, in some very specialised legal areas and for some time now. I was always impressed by his views, experience, rapidity and reliability in providing legal service, even in very complex and difficult areas of law. He is a great lawyer indeed. Now I feel honoured to have Arida as our strategic partner, given their name, tradition and expertise. It is worth every effort for us to have this goal completed, and now it became a reality." 

In furtherance, this partnership will strengthen the level and quality of service in the market in a variety of ways: huge  advisory and litigation experience, faster and reliable service for clients both in UAE and Jordan, quality business service ran by registered and experienced lawyers, cross border programs and, last but not least, a team of authentic and highly specialised legal professionals on board. 

With this, we do hope that our goals of developing a legal power house in the region and abroad are coming to a great success.