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Voda&Five is a premier legal advisor to business matters and international enterprises, investors & finance, venture entities and private equity firms.

Astute companies craft success in the niche commercial areas and gain competitive advantage through knowledge.

In our case, legal knowledge. One of the least explored areas of law looks into the public private partnerships and contracting for the aerospace sector and constitutes one of our core services to our clients. Telecom, tracking and telecom operators, companies providing satellite imagery and related services or simple aviation claims are today one of our top and emerging areas of practice and make us proud of being well recognized in the regional market for offering these unique and highly competitive legal services to our select clientele. 

It was the vision of Voda&V Managing Partner to make aerospace advisory as a core activity for the Firm. She holds a PhD in Air&Space Law, has authored books and journal articles in the field, has major exposure to international regulatory bodies, therefore can lead the provision of legal services in the most sophisticated areas related to aerospace.

When suborbital flights become the future of commercial space transportation and when space traffic management represents a core activity for most of the governmental and intergovernmental competent bodies, when the telecom market faces unprecedented developments due to the space sector, a proper legal advisory service in the field is a must.

We are part of the few and very selected lawyers that provide this type of service worldwide.