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Voda&Five is a premier legal advisor to business matters and international enterprises, investors & finance, venture entities and private equity firms.

The emergence of competition legislation in the UAE and in the GCC region has boosted both the need for scrutiny on larger mergers or market transactions. Our lawyers come from backgrounds with tradition in the competition field, this allowing both a better understanding of the phenomena and a better interaction with the competent authorities, in order to access early and effective guidance on the grey areas in the legislation. 

Nevertheless, commercial transactions and their compliance implications are nowadays at the crossroads of two or more legal systems and jurisdictions. Our legal solutions withstand scrutiny in all major competition law and antitrust jurisdictions. 

Since firm has lawyers specifically qualified in various jurisdictions at issue, such as EU or China, we have the ability to offer to our client robust, commercially focused and correct legal advice.

Last but not least, our global experience in dealing with cartel conduct, state aid, merger controls, distributions and agencies recommend us to represent the most prolific and active players in the international markets.