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The key to a successful arbitration claim is a properly drafted arbitration agreement. The choice of arbitration or of an alternative dispute resolution method needs to be aligned with the contingency of each and every client's business interest. Conversely, the enforce ability and success of such a process is highly dependent on the experience of a good lawyer that understands how to caption the technicalities of an arbitration agreement in the realm of legal principles, rules and exceptions from the applicable law. We do have it all. 

Additionally, our broad experience in international and domestic arbitration recommends us for the most sophisticated, difficult and comprehensive arbitration claims.

We are able conduct complex arbitration matters in both English and Arabic. Moreover, our lawyers are admitted to practice in various countries in the region and in Europe, therefore are able to represent clients abroad or in transnational matters. Our lawyers are also innate speakers, lecturing on arbitration related matters  in various institutions in the region. 

Some of our last appointments to act as counsels in arbitration matters include DIAC, ICC, LCIA. 

With this, we deem our team as capable, highly experienced, as team of prolific negotiators and culturally empathic lawyers.