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Voda&Five is a premier legal advisor to business matters and international enterprises, investors & finance, venture entities and private equity firms.


The world ventures a new economy that will probably change our secular views on ownership, shared data, payments ans transactions. In this realm, it is paramount for our clients to understand the legalities associated with these new technologies. Our services range from advisory on venture capital funds, hedge funds, tokenized asset offerings to general counseling, registration with governmental bodies, as well as implementation of anti money laundering legislation and know your customer forms. 

Last but not least, our clients benefit from qualified, affordable and effective consultations on cases of breach of contract, frauds or arbitration derived from the above mentioned business processes.

In the realm of the global new technology wave, we provide a comprehensive array of ancillary services:

  • data centres contracting for infrastructure, hosting, deployment etc.;
  • approvals and licenses with governmental telecom or commercial regulatory bodies; 
  • development of legal content for websites, smart apps, IP messaging, e-commerce; 
  • compliance advisory;
  • public-private partnerships.