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From everyday to extraordinary. Lawyers.
Voda&Five is a premier legal advisor to business matters and international enterprises, investors & finance, venture entities and private equity firms.

Our firm handles nearly every facet of corporate, commercial and Business Law, devising risk mitigation solutions for investments maximization. Our clients consider us a general counsel that can handle all their business and legal needs in order to boost and sustain returns at lower legal and business exposure.

From setting us and incubating all sorts of companies to negotiating and drafting the most successful mergers, acquisitions or contracts, our firm permanently reassesses their practice for delivering solutions at affordable costs and in a timely manner. 

Our clients range from small companies to large enterprises in UAE and abroad and our expertise helped them achieve growth, less or no legal risks, compliant documentation and balanced, successful and enforceable contracts with their partners, peers or regulators. 

We do focus on outcomes and on cost efficiency, this making us a “lawyer for good” for all our corporate clients. 

 Our services include: 

  • negotiation and preparation of agreements, joint ventures, shareholders' and board documentation; 

  • full advisory on end deal structures and implications;

  • filing for mergers and other corporate structure amendments with the relevant governmental authorities; 

  • legal advisory for compliance matters;

  • legal advisory on business plans and strategies, expansion and greenfield investments;

  • advisory and implementation of closing or pre-closing structures;

  • "tailor made" commercial contracts.