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Voda&Five is a premier legal advisor to business matters and international enterprises, investors & finance, venture entities and private equity firms.

A good lawyer prevents litigation. Our clients  translate this into less overheads, less costs, better compliance records and, more important, a better reputation. Consequently, less legal risk.

Due diligence implies complex processes of advisory, verification, legal strategies and negotiations that help clients to adopt the most suitable solutions with minimal impact. In other terms, reach the maximum achievable goal through documented business decisions and quick negotiations. 

Particularly important in cross border transactions, due diligence endeavours imply not only sound knowledge on the right areas of addressability, but a good understanding of various legal systems, their implications and incentives for business. For this, our lawyers possess qualifications of both private and public international law, helping us to better understand the regulatory and practical implications of various business decisions of our clients. 

Greenfield investments or any other equity or non equity business operations require the fine print of a successful due diligence process. To this aim, our clients benefit from sound coverage, sustainable solutions and, in many cases, same day answers to their most pressing legal constraints. 

Our clients deem our practice as second to none. 

Few of the most recent transactions that required our due diligence service include:

  • greenfield investment of a major Europe based firm into Tanzania; 

  • opening a wholly owned subsidiary of an IT operator in India and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; 

  • joint venture between a UAE company and a Romanian company for services to be delivered into South Eastern Europe; 

  • licensing of an exporter in Belgium; 

  • real estate acquisitions by a major German conglomerate in various real estate projects in United Arab Emirates.