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Voda&Five is a premier legal advisor to business matters and international enterprises, investors & finance, venture entities and private equity firms.


Clients who appoint us on insolvency, restructuring or work out matters, both coming from UAE or abroad, appreciate us for our critical thinking and problem solving capabilities. Creditors and debtors, they all have a track record of complete, accurate and correct transactions, proper and enforceable from a legal perspective. 

We counsel clients on virtually any aspect of financial restructuring, including securities, therefore our team is an understanding  and authentic partner in dealing with the complexities of compliance, risk mitigation and  transactional services in the field. Our decades of restructuring experience make us a reliable and sought after counsel.

Knowing that in the region the legal institutions of insolvency or bankruptcy are of a newer formation, we advise both corporate and individual clients on debt avoidance, settlements, restructuring of debt or any contractual matters related to the field. 

In many cases we have granted "pro bono" legal advice for clients facing difficult financial periods.