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Voda&Five is a premier legal advisor to business matters and international enterprises, investors & finance, venture entities and private equity firms.

Regulatory frameworks are evolving rapidly throughout industries and around the world.

Few domains in high demand nowadays are quasi-regulated or even self regulated. Cost of compliance raises transparency and market positioning issues for businesses around the world and is paramount for risk and cost management.

Our clients come to us for lessening the impact of regulatory regimes on their operations, for understanding their responsibilities and overall for working with lower exposure in UAE and in various other markets.  

We have a well positioned compliance team that has excellent ties with oversight bodies in the region and that can advise in a timely and comprehensive manner on regulation changes, before they adversely impact business transactions. As a corollary, our team is highly specialized in public law and benefits from a wide experience in understanding and effectively applying the regulatory requirements in force both at the intergovernmental level and national level.